Why secure printing should matter to your small business

November 21, 2022

Print security is not usually a priority for small and medium businesses (SMBs)—but it should be. The average cost of a print-related data breach is nearly $700,000, not including brand and reputation impacts, according to tech analyst firm Quocirca. Simply put, cyber-attacks are a risk most SMBs cannot afford to take.

What is the risk to your small business?

  • Banks and financial institutions handle personal information such as income amounts and account numbers—compromising critical data could ruin credibility and customer satisfaction.
  • Healthcare and medical facilities store Social Security numbers, clinical records and home addresses, making them an easy target for cybercriminals looking to make money from stolen information.
  • Auto dealers and repair shops collect confidential financial records needed to secure loans, leaving customers’ information vulnerable to cyber attacks.
  • Retailers and boutiques process shoppers' credit card information and gift card numbers—information that can appear in a breach and be used maliciously by hackers.
  • Real estate agents and brokers access banking and background information needed to purchase property—data that cybercriminals can use to commit fraud and for financial gain.

If your small business handles customers' personal and financial information—including facilitating funding and lending—you are responsible for complying with the FTC Safeguards Rule.

Small business owners often overlook the impact of data breaches caused by unsecured printers and all-in-ones. And often without an adequate security budget and dedicated IT team, SMBs are an easy target for cybercriminals, attacks and threats. Recovering from a breach can cost your business a lot—from missed opportunities to exposure of customer information, to hours offline.

Now's the time to re-evaluate the importance of secure printing in your business.

As a first step, it's critical for today's SMB owners to arm themselves with …

Lexmark secure by design

The ability to secure print devices.


Control of device features used by individuals and groups.

Lexmark secure document

Protection of confidential documents and data.


Visibility to print queues and audit records.

At Lexmark, security isn't an afterthought or optional add-on. Our comprehensive approach to security covers a wide range of features and functions designed to protect your device, the data stored inside, and everything shared over the network and in the cloud.

Lexmark security solutions are second to none and give our customers peace of mind knowing we help protect them from intruders and potential vulnerabilities. All in all, nobody matches our commitment to developing devices and solutions that enhance security for your entire business.

Looking to start safeguarding your printing right away?

Here are a few simple strategies to help you minimize your risk:

  1. Protect your network with a strong password or firewall
  2. Check your printer firmware to ensure it’s up to date
  3. Deter hackers with a hard-to-guess device password
  4. Update device settings to control who can access and use functions
  5. Hold print and scan requests until they are ready to be picked up
Top 5 tips for secure printing by Bryan Willett

Top five tips for secure printing with Bryan Willett

Video length: 2:08

What should small business owners and small offices do to secure a printer, according to Bryan Willett, chief information security officer (CISO) at Lexmark. Watch this rapid-fire Q&A video.

Frequently asked questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about printer security.

Why is secure printing important for small businesses?

Printers can be vulnerable entry points for cyber-attacks and data breaches, and unauthorized access to sensitive documents can result in financial loss, legal liabilities and reputational damage.

What are some secure printing solutions?

Secure printing solutions include pull printing and mobile printing, which require authentication before releasing print jobs.

What is pull printing?

Pull printing requires users to physically go to the printer and authenticate themselves before their print job is released, preventing sensitive documents from being left unattended in output trays.

What is mobile printing?

Mobile printing allows users to print from their mobile devices while maintaining the same level of security as if they were printing from a desktop computer.

What secure printing features do Lexmark GO Line ™ printers offer?

Lexmark GO Line ™ printers offer various secure printing features, including pull printing and mobile printing, as well as device and network security features such as Secure Boot and HTTPS encryption.

What other cybersecurity measures should small businesses implement?

In addition to secure printing solutions, small businesses should also implement other cybersecurity measures, such as employee training, network security, and data encryption.

Let's reduce your exposure to threats so you can focus on what's important: supporting your customers and moving your business forward. See what a Business Continuity Planning professional suggests small business owners keep on paper and in the cloud.

Larry Early

In his current role as director of software and industry marketing at Lexmark, Larry Early oversees the development and execution of marketing strategies that drive growth and accelerate the adoption of new software solutions. Drawing from nearly 30 years of experience, he is also passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses succeed and believes that companies of all sizes can harness technology to reduce costs.

Larry believes that "technology can be a powerful ally for SMBs since they are the backbone of our economy. By pairing the latest software with industry solutions, you can level the playing field with larger companies."

Articles from the author:

If you are looking for new ways to lock down print security, it's time for a Lexmark GO Line device built with Secure by Design features that protect your data every step of the way.


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