Sustainability background

Lexmark intentionally focuses on sustainability

When it comes to sustainability, print is often a missed opportunity.

Lexmark devices are produced using materials derived from sustainable sources and designed to have minimal impact on the environment throughout the print lifecycle.

Lexmark has been completing product lifecycle assessments for over a decade. We are incorporating sustainable best practices in our materials, energy use, emissions, packaging and overall carbon footprint. 

You can minimize costs by keeping devices in use longer and save on supplies through our digitally informed supply chain operations. Our print system was designed with long-life imaging components to save resources, reduce waste and require less maintenance, saving you money over the life of each device.

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Lexmark provides sustainable solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle — from sustainable design to efficient use to responsible recycling. Watch now. 

Read our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report or visit our CSR website (in English).

Your sustainability partner

We have a long history of responsible, sustainable practices and the awards and certifications to back up our efforts. Lexmark is committed to becoming carbon neutral across all our operations by 2035.

Our leading MPS offering is integrated with environmentally conscious programs, and our deep industry expertise enables us to provide solutions that drive sustainability. We can also help you navigate industry-specific pressures and environmental best practices.

We can help you improve both your business and reduce environmental impact with:

  • Sustainable design
  • Efficient use
  • Responsible reuse and recycling

Take a closer look at the Lexmark sustainability story.

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Helping you achieve sustainability — from start to finish

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We offer the highest number of printer models with significant PCR content in the industry.

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Sustainable design

Lexmark products are designed to have minimal effects on the environment throughout the entire life, including manufacturing and distribution.

Our sustainable design features include:

  • Sturdy, industrial metal frames
  • Considerate material selection
  • Incorporated, reclaimed post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic
  • Onboard sensors to assess toner levels and service needs
  • Long-life imaging system components, including high-yield Unison™ toner cartridges
  • Supplies designed for reuse and recycling
  • Extra memory, multi-core processing power
  • Security upgrades
  • Advanced energy-efficiency features and toner conservation capabilities
Energy Star
The Blue Angel
Energy Star Award 2024 Partner of the Year Sustained Excellence
Platinum ecovadis sustainability rating
Certified Carbon Neutral Office
Certified Carbon Neutral Manufacturer

The Lexmark product lifecycle supports the circular economy

product life cycle
product life cycle design phase

Materials selection
Long-life components
Energy-efficient designs

manufacturing phase of the product life cycle

Common components
Recycled content, including closed-loop PCR

distribution phase of the product life cycle

Compact design
Efficient packaging designs
Regional manufacturing

use phase of the product life cycle

Automatic duplex
Energy-saving modes
High-yield cartridges

end-of-life phase of the product life cycle

​​End of Life
Easy-to-use collection programs for reuse and recycling
In-house remanufacture and recycling
Materials for next generation products

Sustainability background
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At Lexmark, we’ve leveraged our own Cloud Print Management to eliminate more than 100 on-premises print servers.

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Efficient use

Intentional engineering is where sustainability begins, but it continues with our services, solutions and programs that reduce paper consumption, promote efficient use and support your sustainability efforts throughout the life of the device.

Through Lexmark, you can leverage:

Responsible reuse and recycling

As part of our focus on the circular economy, we offer sustainable services and programs for recycling supplies and equipment.

ISRI award

2020 Design for Recycling® Award
This annual award recognizes manufacturers who have actively incorporated Design for Recycling® principles into their products and manufacturing processes.

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP), which makes it free and easy to return toner cartridges to our recycling centers.

Lexmark Evergreen, our remanufactured hardware program gives a second life to devices in select markets by refurbishing and placing them back into service.

 Lexmark Equipment Collection Program (LECP), our internal recycling processes for electronic waste, including printers that have reached the end of usable life.

Not only do these efforts promote innovation and economic growth, but they help you print sustainably without compromising on quality.

CX331 CX series Right Environmental Changing cartridge

Since 1991, Lexmark has been able to incorporate more than 45,000 metric tons of recycled materials into the production of laser cartridges.

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