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Lexmark Software Partnerships

Transform your output environment with Lexmark’s strategic software partnerships

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Extend your technology investment

Lexmark Software Partnerships offers customers a unique opportunity to enable user productivity, simplify device management and streamline their output environment. Leveraging the best solutions from Lexmark’s software partners means you can deploy a comprehensive technology portfolio, all from a single source.

Leverage the power of Lexmark technology

​ Universally connectable devices: Connect to any IT system or create direct integrations into host systems per your requirements

​ Innovative solution design: Enable precise and cost-efficient solution design for any output environment, regardless of size

​ Strategic introductions: Leverage Lexmark’s relationship with hundreds of partners to secure the right solution set for the most efficient business processes

Take control of data and documents

Most organisations receive information every day from a variety of sources, mainly in print and digital formats. This means users must manage a flood of documents, files, forms and more — particularly when the information flows from paper to digital and back again. To convert your output infrastructure into a platform that delivers precise, accurate information regardless of format, now is the time to partner with a proven industry leader to maximise the value of your solution portfolio, while delivering greater value to your customers.

Transform your print infrastructure

Lexmark Software Partnerships help customers to identify business workflow challenges and develop solutions that address the unique needs of each organisation. Our solution portfolio consists of paper-based and digital solutions that leverage the best of third-party partnerships to help businesses of all sizes navigate the constant, complex flow of information. The result? Organisations simplify processes that bridge the gap between print and digital information for greater efficiency, agility and cost savings. And these solutions are customised to integrate seamlessly with core platforms for ease of implementation and fast user adoption.

Increase the value of your technology investment

Whether you goal is to speed the flow of information, reduce expenses or boost productivity, Lexmark Software Partnerships allow your organisation to expand capabilities beyond a collection of output devices. This means you can deploy a comprehensive solution portfolio from a single partner instead of a patchwork of miscellaneous, disconnected vendors.

Design the perfect solution set

Lexmark Software Partnerships offers measurable benefits to customers while helping organisations boost efficiency in every department. With Lexmark, you can create the best solution portfolio for your output environment, regardless of size or requirements, all backed by Lexmark’s award-winning service and support.

  • Device management
  • Print management
  • Document security
  • Fax automation
  • Intelligent capture
  • Fleet management
  • Output management
  • User authentication
  • Electronic forms
  • Content management

The power of our partnerships

Lexmark partners with industry-leading organisations to deliver software solutions that are right for your business.