Lexmark Cloud Print Management

Secure print release with the advantages of cloud deployment

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Innovative printing technology, real-world benefits

Lexmark Cloud Print Management allows organisations to offload the physical infrastructure required to support the print environment, reduce demands on the internal IT department and provide a stable, flexible print environment.


Better printing for users, simpler management for IT

Print release for the cloud era

Built with advanced cloud architecture, Lexmark Cloud Print Management (CPM) eliminates on-premise print servers, multiple print drivers and queue management while reducing the administrative burden on IT staff.

Instead of sending documents through a print server to a designated print device— where the pages sit out in public view until they are retrieved—they are transferred to the Lexmark Cloud where they are held in a personal queue until the user logs in or swipes their badge (authenticates) at the printer.  

Reduce waste, secure information

Output piling up or being thrown away around your printers means costly waste. It might even contain confidential or private information, raising HR, legal, or competitive risks.

With Lexmark Cloud Print Management, you can control output and eliminate both waste and reduce security risks. It even lets you set user and group quotas, or limit capabilities per device such as colour printing.

Subscribe, simplify and analyse

Lexmark Cloud Print Management is provided as a subscription service, so you can expense print release without a capital outlay, and easily scale the system as your business needs change.

You can add new users and devices without the burden of on-site server provisioning and maintenance, providing more resources to users, faster than ever.

Monitor device usage, and analyse data about organisational and individual printing practises and environmental impact, without adding additional hardware or staffing.

Flexible architecture, solid savings

Some industry and regulatory environments make fully cloud-based print release untenable. That’s why our hybrid option allows jobs to be held on users’ PCs for release in lieu of sending the print jobs outside the network or to the cloud.

You get the savings and security of cloud-based print release without losing the advantages of collecting print job metadata for reporting and management.

Mobile release for users on the go

In addition to full support for printing from Mac, Windows and Chromebook devices, Lexmark CPM keeps mobile users printing, too.

Whether they initiate print jobs from an iPhone®, iPad®, or Android™ smartphone or tablet, mobile users can release their documents at any Lexmark device in your organisation, whenever and wherever you’ve allowed them access.

Global convenience, global control

Give your users the ability to release output from any authorised device across one or many locations, while curbing the use of hard-to-track personal printers.

You can even cut back on the number high-featured devices on the network—tabloid printers, finishing capabilities and colour, for example—by encouraging sharing via print management.


Cloud Print Management in action

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See how Lexmark is leveraging the power of the cloud to bring in a new era of print simplicity, security and visibility.

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