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Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure

Access a modern secure print environment through a subscription service, paying for print capacity rather than owning and managing the physical infrastructure.

Your key to a modern print environment without ownership hassle

Owning the physical infrastructure needed to print is not cost effective for many businesses. Not only that, but it also takes time and resources to manage. Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service (CPI) provides access to a modern secure print environment through a flexible subscription service, so you only pay for print capacity, not the printers themselves.

You can dramatically simplify your print environment and eliminate the resource issues and budget headaches associated with print infrastructure ownership. This combination of Internet of Things (IoT)-connected devices, smart services and cloud infrastructure through a subscription simplifies all facets of the print environment—acquisition, management and use.

​Simplify and save

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How it works

1. Deploy Lexmark IoT Devices

Lexmark-owned and -managed devices are installed according to industry best practices and agreed-upon deployment principles. IoT smart services are activated.

2. Eliminate Infrastructure

Print servers, queue management, user management, and data collection are moved to the cloud, and secure cloud print release is enabled.

3. Subscribe

Choose from simplified as-a-service billing models that work best for your organisation.

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Simplify printing across your enterprise

​Unburden your IT department

This unified as-a-service infrastructure enables IT organisations to offload your print environment to Lexmark, allowing your IT team to become completely unburdened while providing users with a modern, secure print environment. This eliminates time-consuming tasks to support the associated infrastructure, including print servers, queue management and provisioning—even for organisations that leverage managed print services (MPS) to manage their printing and scanning ecosystem.

Reduce risk in device selection

Since your printer fleet is owned and managed by Lexmark, you can focus on needed print capacity rather than device specs. Best-in-class benchmark data and industry-specific insight are used to create an agreed-upon hardware deployment plan. No surprises. Cloud and IoT technology ensure continuity of service with redundancy, scalability and high availability.

Choose from simple subscription billing options

For your convenience, CPI can be delivered with flexible subscription pricing options, including an all-inclusive utility pricing usage model, traditional hardware purchase plus utility, or flat-rate billing. It’s your choice. You can even choose an option that allows you to potentially recognise print infrastructure as an operating expense, not a capital expense.

Enhance user experience with IoT-enabled devices

Lexmark printers are designed as modern IoT-enabled devices. We apply data analytics to sensor output that enables smart services—allowing us to predict device needs and take preemptive action. This results in uninterrupted uptime for users, including automatic supplies replenishment and predictive service..

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