Cartuccia di toner Lexmark B/MB2650 Return Program 15K

N. parte: B262U00


  • Laser monocromatico
  • Valore Resa: 15.0001

Descrizione prodotto

Eccezionale qualità delle immagini, con risultati costanti e ripetibili. Affidabilità di sistema a lungo termine. Sostenibilità superiore. Innovativo sistema di stampa che non ha bisogno di scuotere le cartucce.

High Yield

Maximize your savings and enjoy premium quality with Genuine Lexmark cartridges. High Yield cartridges offer a lower cost per page and contain more pages than Standard Yield cartridges do. Perfect for high volume printing.

Unison™ Toner

Essential to Lexmark print system performance, Unison™ Toner's unique formulation consistently delivers outstanding image quality, ensures long-life print system reliability and promotes superior sustainability -- all in an innovative shake-free print system.

Lexmark Return Program Cartridges

Lexmark Return Program cartridges are print cartridges sold at a discount in exchange for the customer's agreement that the cartridges will be used only once and returned only to Lexmark for remanufacturing or recycling. These single-use only cartridges will stop working after reaching end of the rated life established by Lexmark (a variable amount of toner may remain when replacement is required). These cartridges may also automatically update the printer memory to protect the printer from counterfeit and unauthorized products. Supplies without this single-use term are available at

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

Going green has never been easier. Recycle all your used Lexmark supplies by letting us take care of the details. It’s simple, smart and always free.

Best Together

Genuine Lexmark supplies are engineered to work Best Together with your Lexmark printer, delivering excellent print quality from the first page to the last.

Specifiche generali

N. parte B262U00
Tecnologia di stampa
  • Laser monocromatico
Valore Resa
  • 15.0001
Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program
  • Si
Resa media dichiarata per pagina standard, per cartuccia in modalità di stampa lato singolo (simplex) fino a
  • 15.000 pagine standard Valore di copertura dichiarato in accordo con la normativa ISO/IEC 19752
Le cartuccia di ricambio
  • "Le cartucce sono progettate per l'uso in una specifica area geografica. Vedi per maggiori dettagli. "
Dimensioni imballo (mm - A x L x P)
  • 134 x 116 x 312 mm
Peso dell'imballo (kg)
  • 0.845 Kg

Caratteristiche elettriche e operative

  • 44103103
Paese d'origine
  • Poland, China (PRC), United States, Mexico

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Lexmark B2650dw

Lexmark B2650dw

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Lexmark MB2650adwe

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