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Genuine Parts

Expert Lexmark equipment repairs.

Ensure optimal performance and device life with Genuine Lexmark Parts. Critical workflows are becoming increasingly dependent on output devices—like Lexmark multifunction printers (MFP)—to intake, process and route critical information throughout the organization.

That’s why, when a device part breaks, it’s critical to get it back up and running fast and to ensure that it will be at peak performance for the foreseeable future. The best way to accomplish that—whether you install the replacement parts yourself or count on a certified technician through Lexmark repair service—is to always choose Genuine Lexmark Parts. By using Genuine Lexmark Parts you’ll ensure optimal device performance and enjoy increased peace of mind because our parts are all designed and manufactured with Lexmark quality under stringent ISO 9001 certified processes…not merely reverse engineered by cost-driven third-party vendors.

In fact, Lexmark fusers’ dominance in a recent performance evaluation by Buyers Lab (BLI) prompted the firm’s managing director to note: “Throughout BLI’s extensive tests, the Lexmark fusers clearly outperformed the third-party brands in all performance categories, unequivocally demonstrating far superior reliability, yield, and image quality.”*

Count on Genuine Lexmark Parts, worldwide parts availability and Lexmark break-fix services to keep your Lexmark devices running at top efficiency and performance.

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Benefits of Genuine Lexmark Parts

  • Genuine Lexmark OEM parts are engineered to optimize device performance and maximize device life
  • Lexmark’s worldwide reach ensures qualified parts support wherever you do business
  • Genuine Lexmark Parts are continually updates with engineering improvements that may not exist in non-OEM parts
  • Higher failure rates of third-party parts can increase costs and cause potential safety hazards

*Custom Test Report, Comparative Performance Report, Genuine Lexmark Brand T65X Fusers vs. Four Brands of Third-Party Fusers, Buyer’s Laboratory LLC, November 2012