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Accessibility at Lexmark

Lexmark is committed to developing products, solutions and services that optimize the productivity of our customers with varying levels of abilities.

Lexmark listens

As we develop products and solutions, Lexmark seeks input from a variety of customers, including those with physical challenges, to better understand the unique needs of each user. We are committed to incorporating customers’ ideas and feedback into our designs.

Structured focus

Accessibility is a key objective in every phase of the development process, and Lexmark has defined processes and methodologies to ensure our products and solutions are accessible. To meet these objectives, Lexmark has established a cross-functional council to manage accessibility initiatives. This ensures that the needs of all customers are met, from design to delivery.

Advanced technology, innovative solutions

Lexmark believes that improving product usability for those with varying levels of abilities creates a better user experience for all our customers. Your input has helped identify product design changes, as well as standard product features, that work together to enhance accessibility for every customer. These capabilities are included in many Lexmark products:

  • Output separator sheets
  • Offset job stacking
  • Operator panels with adjustable viewing angles
  • Multifunction products with numerical keypad input capability
  • Accessible height and reach
  • Accessible print drivers and documentation
  • Reverse color display mode
  • Touch screen magnification mode
  • Timeout notification
  • Tray status lights
  • ADF loaded indicator

An innovative approach to accessibility

Operating multifunction devices (MFPs) with a physical, sensory or cognitive challenge can be frustrating and unproductive – yet millions of workers face this situation every day. To succeed, they require more than a company’s commitment to accessibility; they need flexible solutions that adapt to a user's unique needs and capabilities.

Lexmark can help. We understand the specific needs of people with varying levels of abilities. That’s why we build our solutions with feedback from those with visual and dexterity impairments. The result is innovative audio and tactile accommodations that make it easier to use our systems.

By empowering employees with the tools they need to get the job done, you’ll benefit from higher retention rates, lower turnover costs and increased productivity.

Lexmark Accessibility Solution

With Lexmark's innovative software, devices with touch screens are no longer limiting to users with impairments. The optional Lexmark Accessibility Solution is our web-based software that allows users to initiate copy, fax, email and scan jobs directly from their computer, tablet or mobile device as an alternative to the MFP touch screen. Lexmark Accessibility Solution is designed to work with a wide range of assistive technology, including screen magnifiers and screen readers, allowing customers with varying levels of abilities to work independently. At the MFP, the user only needs to interact with the tactilely discernible numerical keypad to complete the task at hand. Read the Accessibility Solution and Accessibility Speech brochure to learn more.

Lexmark Accessibility Speech Solution

The optional Lexmark Accessibility Speech Solution complements the Lexmark Accessibility Solution by providing audio feedback messages played over the printer’s speaker to easily communicate status to the user. Read the Accessibility Solution and Accessibility Speech brochure to learn more.

With Lexmark Accessibility Solutions and Accessibility Speech Solution:

  • Users achieve increased productivity when using the MFP
  • Users can resolve many output issues on their own
  • Administrators can choose from three sets of audio messages to tailor the MFP to the customer environment
  • Administrators can record and load alternative voice files in any language or dialect

Lexmark Voice Guidance

Individuals with varying levels of abilities can interact with many Lexmark smart MFPs and printers in a convenient and effective way using the Lexmark Voice Guidance kit. Featuring a traditional keyboard and select voice-guided prompts, the kit adds a new level of accessibility to Lexmark devices that have an eTask touch screen. Users can hear voice guidance prompts through the smart MFP or printer’s built-in speakers or a user-provided headset. When installed, Voice Guidance gives select Lexmark smart MFPs and eTask printers additional functionality specified in the US Section 508 Refresh and European standard EN 301549. Read the Lexmark Voice Guidance brochure to learn more.

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