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Print can unlock value right across your retail operations.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Lexmark’s print solutions can boost retailers’ operational efficiency and create a more engaging and personalized customer experience.

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Retail Building

Robust reliability

Rugged hardware built for every retail environment

Lexmark’s intentionally engineered printers are unique. We use industrial metal frames to deliver superior durability and lifelong performance across demanding retail environments. They can handle multimedia handling in distribution centers, specialty, below-counter printing in pharmacies, and in-store signage on the sales floor. That’s one reason Lexmark printers are relied on by nine of the top 10 global retailers.

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Digitize documents

Save time and money by digitizing documents and processes

Implementing smart capture technology to digitize paper documents like store invoices, reports, internal records, receipts and shipping labels results in significant savings, both in terms of money and time. Go further by automating paper-based processes — and integrating with your core business systems — to improve sales staff productivity and create a more sustainable print environment that reduces waste.

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Operational visibility

See your organization’s printing activity across functions and locations

By gaining greater visibility into every aspect of your print operations, including in print-heavy departments like shipping and receiving, logistics, HR and loss prevention, you can drive down costs, streamline processes and help ensure regulatory compliance. Lexmark’s advanced process analytics give you real-time visibility and actionable insights across your print ecosystem.

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Cloud benefits

Reduce waste and free your team to work on important tasks with cloud-based solutions

Achieve greater flexibility across retail printing operations with cloud-based solutions that automate the creation of dynamic content locally, enable remote management and file sharing, and support digital signage. With these embedded solutions, each store or location prints only what it needs — minimizing waste and freeing staff to dedicate more attention to customer-centric tasks.

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Increase sales

Optimize sales and customer experience by doing your printing on the selling floor

Mobile printing saves time, increases staff visibility and allows your stores to flex to meet local market needs to boost sales and profitability. With your printing happening in the aisles, not in a back room, you ensure associates are more available to customers, which optimizes their customer experience.

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Better productivity

Grow revenue opportunities and increase response times and productivity

Reduce the burden on employees to keep them focused on what matters — the customers. Lexmark’s signage platform’s streamlined workflows that fit store-level activities and automation that removes the guesswork from signage creation enable your associates to serve customers without distraction, increasing productivity, streamlining operations and gaining opportunities to grow revenue.

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Connect devices

Enhance connectivity and total oversight of all systems

Deploy Internet of Things (IoT) technology to optimize operations in real time, no matter the size or location of the store. As IoT-enabled devices, all Lexmark printers empower you to operationalize data from your printer ecosystem to intelligently grow your business.

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Omnichannel efficiency

Streamline logistics with automated supply chain processes

Deploy supply chain automation more effectively by enabling fast user adoption with easy-to-use apps and familiar mobile interfaces. Open solutions that offer meta-tagging can be easily integrated with your existing back-end systems to improve document routing, security and accuracy.

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About Lexmark

Lexmark creates cloud- and IoT-enabled imaging technologies that help retail customers worldwide quickly realize business outcomes. Through a powerful combination of proven technologies and deep industry expertise, Lexmark accelerates business transformation, turning information into insights, data into decisions, and analytics into action.