Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program

The free and easy way to return your toner cartridges for reuse and recycling.

When you return your empty supplies through LCCP, you are helping to reduce impact on the environment and promote sustainability. Each year, millions of pounds of materials are responsibly reused and recycled, and it starts with you. You can do your part by following the steps below to recycle toner cartridges. 

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How to recycle your cartridge:

Step 1: Package It

Place the used cartridge in the bag from your new cartridge.

Step 2: Box It

Place the bag containing your used cartridge into the empty box from your new cartridge. Tape the box closed.

Step 3: Label It

Attach the return label included in the box or received from Lexmark.

Step 4: Ship It

Place your cartridge for return pick up by the designated carrier.

Note: Only genuine Lexmark supplies are eligible for this recycling program.  Lexmark reserves the right to return ineligible materials to the sender at the sender's expense, and to recover any associated costs from the sender.

Why Participate?

  • Responsible
  • Sustainable
  • Easy and convenient
  • Free of charge


cartridges collected are reused or recycled


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