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Printers and MFPs for medium workgroups

Lexmark printers and smart MFPs for medium workgroups are crafted for teams of up to 20 users, with print volumes ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 pages per month. These capable, enterprise-level devices offer faster speeds, larger input capacity, higher-yield toner supplies and productivity apps. They can be configured to fit on existing work surfaces or be floor-standing.


CX530 Series

Color MFP, prints up to 35 ppm


CS530 Series

Color printer prints up to 35 ppm


CX630 Series

Color MFP, prints up to 42 ppm


CS630 Series

Color printer prints up to 42 ppm

CX730 Series

Color MFP, prints and copies up to 52 ppm

CS730 Series

Color printer, prints up to 52 ppm


MX530 Series

Monochrome MFP, prints and copies up to 46 ppm


MX630 Series

Monochrome MFP, prints up to 50 ppm


MS530 Series

Monochrome printer, prints up to 46 ppm


MS630 Series

Monochrome printer, prints up to 50 ppm

Printers and MFPs for large workgroups

Lexmark printers and smart MFPs for large workgroups are designed for the demands of teams of 20 or more with print volumes of more than 6,000 pages per month. These powerful devices offer unprecedented print speeds, advanced features and solutions integration. Industry-leading input/output capacity, high-yield toner cartridges and long-life imaging components reduce downtime and keep work flowing in demanding output environments.

CS940 Series

The Lexmark CS940 Series is designed for security, usability and reliability for large workgroups at speeds up to 55 pages per minute*

CX930/CX940 Series

Color MFP, up to 65 ppm. Optional finishing. Supports up to A3 or SRA3/12x18 media.

CX820 Series

Color MFP, prints and copies up to 52 ppm. Optional stapler.

CS820 Series

Color printer, prints up to 60 ppm. Optional stapler.

CX825 Series

Color MFP, prints and copies up to 55 ppm. Optional staple, hole punch finishing.

CX860 Series

Color MFP, prints and copies up to 60 ppm. Optional staple, hole punch finishing.

MX720 Series

Monochrome MFP, prints and copies up to 55 ppm

MS720 Series

Monochrome printer, prints up to 55 ppm

MX820/MX820x Series

Monochrome MFP, prints and copies up to 70 ppm

MS820/MS820e Series

Monochrome printer, prints up to 70 ppm

MX930 Series

Monochrome MFP, up to 35 ppm. Optional finishing. Supports A3 media.

Efficiency that fosters growth

Streamline paper-based processes with Lexmark printers and smart MFPs 

Your business goals don’t include worrying about printed output, or spending time and money managing slow paper-based processes. Lexmark laser printers and multifunction products are the foundation of a complete digital ecosystem that can streamline business processes, automate error-prone paper-based processes, and help you print less. Their smart capabilities simplify the challenge of managing workflows in an ever-changing business and technical environment--and reduce cycle times from days to minutes.

And Lexmark supports the efficiency and convenience of mobile devices by letting you print from iOS, Android, or Google Cloud devices just like you do from the desktop. No puzzling over another user interface or wasting time with printing workarounds like sending documents to your PC.

Lexmark gives you the tools you need to do more with less, take better care of your customers and improve your top-line performance.

Technology and services that save money

Printers and MFPs become cost-controlling assets with the right blend of Lexmark devices, features, and services. 

Lexmark’s full range of color and monochrome devices represent more than a collection of well-engineered, precisely assembled materials--they’re the embodiment of ideas born at and raised by Lexmark, ideas based on first-hand knowledge of what business users want and need.

That’s how we came to develop money-saving ideas like A4 (letter) devices that perform like much more costly A3s. And free, browser-based network device management software that can provide greater visibility into your entire fleet.

With Lexmark printers and MFPs, you can eliminate wasted output with options like print release, configure print permissions to limit color printing to authorized users, and take advantage of some models’ ability to automatically print text and images at lighter density to save toner.

And Lexmark Managed Print Services wraps up one more form of cost-saving know-how in a customized set of services that optimizes your infrastructure, proactively manages your devices, and streamlines business processes.

Security that protects critical data

Security is an integral part of all Lexmark products, creating not just a safer but a more productive environment for your business

Lexmark doesn’t treat security as an afterthought or optional feature, but as an integral design and engineering goal, embedded in all our products and services. Our understanding of network environments and relevant security threats, particularly in relation to printing, gives us the know-how to create unique solutions that secure your data in every possible way—a capability we’ve proven by working and overcoming security challenges in some of the most highly regulated organizations and industries on earth. And our expertise pays off in concrete ways whether you manage your own printing infrastructure or rely on Lexmark Managed Print Services.

Full-spectrum security 

Malicious security attacks and inadvertent vulnerabilities can lead to costly compliance breaches and business-disrupting data loss. They can also take a human toll in frustration, loss of privacy, negative financial consequences and wasted time. Security engineered into every Lexmark product encompasses device management, hardening and operation. In real-world terms, that means the Lexmark devices deployed in your setting control user access, restrict malicious activity, and protect data transmitted to or from the device or stored in its hard drive. Learn more.

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Cross-category winners of Buyers Lab Pick Awards: Lexmark printers and MFPs

It’s always nice when industry experts confirm what we’ve known all along: Lexmark printers and MFPs are “outstanding,” the official word used by Buyers Laboratory Inc. in their recognition of our products’ exceptional status in thirteen different categories. Learn more.

*​ ​Applies to CX860 Series. Average continuous black or continuous composite CMY declared cartridge yield​ ​in one-sided (simplex) mode up to this number of standard pages in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798.

** Applies to CX860 Series. Actual Yield may vary based on other factors such as​ ​device speed, paper size and feed orientation, toner coverage, tray source, percentage of black-only printing and average print job complexity.