What is AirPrint?

Choosing the best printer for AirPrint and Apple devices

Author: Eric McCann, technology portfolio architect

September 29, 2023

Printers for AirPrint and Apple devices

Picture yourself running a business where printing document images from your Apple devices is as simple as a single tap. Thanks to Apple AirPrint technology, this vision is a reality. Pairing Lexmark printers with AirPrint gives you the convenience of printing from iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and other Apple devices, without the need for extra cables or complicated set ups.

What exactly is AirPrint? How does it differ from Wi-Fi printing and email printing?

AirPrint lets you print (and scan) from your fingertips. This technology enables your mobile device to detect and print to available printers on the network without requiring additional drivers or apps. Just select “print "on your Apple device, and nearby printers on your local network should appear.

Wi-Fi direct printing requires you to connect your device directly to the printer via a Wi-Fi signal from the printer before printing. While this method is useful, especially when you need to print documents stored on your device, it might cause an issue if the content you want to print is offline.

Email printing allows you to send documents directly by emailing them to a network-connected printer. However, it raises security concerns related to the document’s lifecycle, as sensitive information might be exposed during sending.

As an active participant in the AirPrint certification program, Lexmark ensures all printers remain compliant with the latest specifications and offer access to the newest features. This commitment often places Lexmark in online searches for the best AirPrint-compatible printers, underlining our ability to stay current and easily accessible.

Lexmark guarantees compliance with manufacturer protocols through rigorous testing and specifications, affirming an efficient printing experience for customers worldwide.

Concerned about many employees printing from one device? Don't be.

AirPrint accommodates multiple Apple devices printing to Lexmark printers on the same network, simplifying office printing.

For offices with or without IT (information technology) support, AirPrint is a recommended solution. It provides flexibility for employees to print from their Apple devices to network-connected Lexmark printers, reducing the need for more software and device management.


Did you know that Lexmark printers enhance AirPrint technology by offering accessibility and direct printing from Apple devices?

Well, Apple says that "the most innovative companies run on Mac.

Now’s the time to supercharge your Apple devices with AirPrint and Lexmark. Take the next step and explore the Lexmark shop for your new AirPrint-compatible Lexmark printer.

Eric McCann

Eric McCann has more than 15 years of experience at Lexmark and is in Lexington, Ky. He is a member of the Technology Portfolio team and handles the intersection of firmware, software, hardware and services for the Lexmark printer portfolio.  In previous roles, Eric has worked to demonstrate and develop the Lexmark Cloud Services portfolio, secure device ecosystem and catalog of built-in solutions aimed at improving printer productivity.

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