Best printers for small business? Inkjet vs. laser

Author: Brian Wallace, Google small business advisor, small business founder and operator

Published: August 25, 2023
Last updated: September 26, 2023

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Watch as Lexmark small business advisor, Brian Wallace, interviews business owners for their advice, feedback and tips for small business printers in their office. They use compact Lexmark all-in-one laser printers instead of inkjets.


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Brian Wallace:
Google small business advisor, small business founder and operator

What is the main difference between inkjet and laser?

I've had the opportunity to interview a few business owners about small business printing. Let's explore their customer journey.  


What specific benefits did you find in choosing a laser printer over the inkjet?

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Paula Henson:
Above the Dirt, Inc.

The speed is pretty alarmingly different. I mean, it's much faster. So, if you're doing a lot of printing internally for just like even if it's just black and white, the stuff that you're going to see, it's going to be so much faster, and you have to switch out your ink less.

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Ruvim Boyko:
Boyko Motors

Often when I'm printing contracts and then, you know, I'm selling a vehicle, I'm sitting here with the customer waiting for things to print on a slow printer. I mean, that just kills me.

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This is something I had to order to get printed because it's huge, right? My printer is not as big as that. But you can see it's a really great color quality, the density. I can print my little signs that I put in everything. It's a sticker I get to print on. This was printed by the Lexmark machine right next to the professional print.

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Plus, it's here on site. So, if I decide, oh, I need to do one for herbs or I need to do one for inpatients or annuals, I can just sit there and make it. I don't have to order it and wait days and days. But it doesn't look like I just decided to make this today.

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Do you think that the long-term benefits of the laser printer justify the upfront investment?

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Well, I actually would challenge that. The long-term benefits make it no longer feel like a big investment because I've gone through three or four printers. It's actually cost effective to do the nicer item. We think really long term, you know, we do. There's a lot in regard to the community and being able to use recycled paper, the printer being carbon neutral.

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So, the like the real long-term benefits, I mean, that's a slam dunk for a store like me.

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I'm pretty particular when it comes to my printing and the paper that I use, I tend to use thicker stock paper and the HP would jam probably once every two weeks or so, whereas this one has actually never gone through, and it's never had an issue with scanning that paper in or actually printing it.

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So, in closing, in your opinion, which type of printer laser or inkjet provides the best overall value for small business owners and what makes it stand out?

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I'm copying and scanning documents constantly doing what I do, and it works. It works great, it works quickly, and it's never really hiccups. So, I absolutely get the laser. To me, it's not a question.

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The best technologies run seamlessly in the background and make our days better.

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We spoke about inkjet versus laser printers. Understanding these differences help us pick the right printer for our small businesses.

Laser printers are great for small businesses:

  • They're fast.
  • Give us high quality prints
  • Save us money

Thank you again so much for watching.

Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the founder and president of NowSourcing, a renowned content marketing agency that specializes in converting complex ideas into simple and engaging visuals. Brian also serves as a Google small business advisor, where he provides guidance and support to SMBs on how to successfully leverage digital marketing. His expertise in the field has also earned him a seat on the advisory board of the SXSW festival, where he helps shape the future of technology, business and culture.

He goes on to share, “I find many small businesses are using printers that were never intended for business purposes. I encourage small businesses to plan the printer they choose for their business, rather than rushing out to purchase whatever they find when their last rush-purchased printer breaks."

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