Expert tips for choosing the best Lexmark printer for Chromebooks

Author: Eric McCann, technology portfolio architect at Lexmark

October 19, 2023

Best printer for Chromebook Lexmark SMB

Navigating small business ownership is challenging, particularly when it comes to choosing the right equipment and technology for your small office. Chromebooks have become the preferred choice for business owners due to their simplicity, affordability and browser-based experiences. Having a Chromebook provides a significant advantage by seamlessly integrating with Lexmark printers, which is particularly appealing to entrepreneurs looking for a more streamlined and efficient operations.

Much like Chromebook's straightforward and hassle-free approach, Lexmark printers are simple, user-friendly and budget-friendly. When paired with a Lexmark printer, Chromebooks work with Lexmark's IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) Everywhere certification, allowing users to find, connect with and print to printers on their network without the use of a driver.


“Welcome to stress-free printing from your Chromebook.”

In your search for the ideal printer for Chromebooks, it’s important to know that most online review articles featuring printer recommendations might have affiliate links. These links compensate the publisher and may test only the printers that are associated with their affiliate program, not all eligible printers.

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If you’re searching for the best printers for Chromebooks, consider checking out these resources:

“If you’re looking for one of the best home and office printers for Chromebook with a large paper tray, the [Lexmark color printer 2-series] C3224dw 250-sheet capacity will do the job for you. Overall, it features Lexmark’s full spectrum architecture security that protects the information stored in its 256MP built-in storage.” - TechCity.com

The [Lexmark color printer 2-series C3224dw] laser printer can be set up within a few minutes with the help of the built-in Wi-Fi technology. Besides, the Wi-Fi also makes it easy to scan and print the documents from mobile devices. It is compatible with multiple apps including AirPrint, Mopria, and Google Cloud Print. Not to mention the brand’s Lexmark mobile print app. There are also USB and Ethernet connectivity options for wired connections.” - ElectronicsHub.org

This [Lexmark color printer 2-series C3224dw] is a two-sided color laser printer that doesn't scan or copy but does everything well in the printing department. It prints at a speed of 24 ppm and has a tray capacity of 250 sheets. It features a two-line LCD control screen and offers a fast and easy setup with wireless, USB, and Ethernet connectivity options. It also works with mobile via the Lexmark mobile print app, Mopria, and AirPrint.” - AndroidPolice.com

Top rated printer for Chromebook of September 2023: Lexmark C3224dw Color Laser Printer with Wireless capabilities “– BestReviews.guide

Stay connected with compact laser printers for Chromebooks

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are becoming the norm across companies and essential to keeping users and devices connected. Lexmark printers adhere to various standards, ensuring compatibility with current and future devices. Chromebooks are being deployed across diverse industries including enterprise and retail, meaning businesses are expected to provide convenient printing on all devices including PCs, tablets, phones and Chromebooks.

A January 2023 report from global tech analyst IDC found that businesses relying on Chromebooks had higher productivity and significantly stronger security team efficiency, with 24% fewer attacks than organizations using more conventional computers.

IDC predicts that 9.5% of Chromebook shipments projected in 2023 will be business-oriented.

  1. Education
  2. Enterprise
  3. Retail
Visual collage of a Chromebook and a woman inspecting a print out from a Lexmark printer that work with Chromebook.

More about Lexmark printers and Chromebook devices

Printers that fully support IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) Everywhere have integrated features. There’s no need to install drivers; just pair your operating system’s print function with a Lexmark ready-to-use printer. This allows you to focus more on productivity and less on printer installation and maintenance, regardless of the browser or built-in applications on your Chromebook.

Screenshot showing how easy it is to print to a Lexmark printer from Chromebook using IPP.

Lexmark printers are known for high-quality scans, as well as prints, copies and faxes. Whether you need to scan a single document or a stack of paperwork, Lexmark all-in-one printers help simplify the process. Lexmark leverages industry standard protocols to include built-in scanning on Chromebooks, improving your experience with ChromeOS.

Screenshot showing how easy it is to scan with a Lexmark printer to Chromebook using IPP.

Lexmark business printers are intentionally engineered to meet the needs of many industries and markets, including Chromebook users. By taking a universal approach, Lexmark can meet your company’s needs for today and be flexible about what your business might grow into in the future.

When it comes to choosing the best printer for your Chromebook, Lexmark is the ideal business partner. With our budget-friendly, compact laser options and Mopria certification, Lexmark printers boost print security and office operations. Choose a Chromebook-compatible printer from the Lexmark shop and turn your laptop into a powerhouse.

Eric McCann

Eric McCann has more than 15 years of experience at Lexmark and is in Lexington, Ky. He is a member of the Technology Portfolio team and handles the intersection of firmware, software, hardware and services for the Lexmark printer portfolio.  In previous roles, Eric has worked to demonstrate and develop the Lexmark Cloud Services portfolio, secure device ecosystem and catalog of built-in solutions aimed at improving printer productivity.

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Which Lexmark printer best suits your small business needs?

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Lexmark Color All-in-One 4-series (MC3426i)

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Lexmark Black and White Printer 2-series (B2236dw)

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Lexmark Black and White Printer 2-series (B2236dw)
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