In-Store Capture for Retail

Capture and route paperwork, all at the MFP

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Simplified document processing built for retail

With capture technology designed for retailers and Lexmark’s smart MFP platform you will streamline paper-based processes, drive greater efficiency and improve security across your enterprise. For store employees, it means less time spent in the back office and more time on the sales floor with customers.

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Leverage capture technology designed for retailers

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Get ahead of the retail curve

The world of retail is moving faster than ever before, and your employees need to keep up with the ever-changing demands of your business and your customers. When employees must spend their time managing, processing and searching for paperwork, customer-facing activities that bring value to your bottom line don’t get the attention they deserve.

Reduce employee burden

Lexmark’s In-Store Capture solutions help store associates spend less time in the back office and more time on the sales floor with customers. With capture technology designed specifically for retailers, you can leverage Lexmark’s smart MFP platform to streamline paper-based processes, increase accuracy, drive greater efficiency and improve security across the enterprise   

Powerful features of In-Store Capture

Store-level usability: Advanced capture functionality is easy to use and deploy within a distributed environment.

Smart process management: Intelligent technology makes it simple to print on demand, capture from the device and identify missing documents for greater accuracy and compliance.

Seamless integration: Connectivity allows users to capture and route pertinent information to existing ERP, ECM, HRIS and other store and back-end retail systems.

At work across your retail enterprise

Simplify Human Resources onboarding: Reduce HR maintenance and printing costs, and gain the visibility to know exactly which forms have been completed and which are outstanding.

Access invoices effortlessly: Eliminate the slow, cumbersome process of manually handling store invoices and support vendor requests with ease.

Process logistics documents efficiently: Manage and track bills of lading, in-store fulfilment, delivery confirmations and other documents received at the store without wasting time or resources.

Simplify incident management: Capture and digitise all documents associated with incidents so they are easy to store, access and organise

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