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Lexmark Cloud Connector

All of your files within easy reach

Download and share, centralise and streamline

When it comes to your business documents, the faster you can access and share, the more efficiently you can work. Lexmark Cloud Connector opens a secure channel between Lexmark devices and popular cloud services so you can conveniently access and print from—or scan and upload to—the cloud.

You can connect printers to shared file directories and centralise form and document storage. Lexmark Cloud Connector offers familiar, intuitive file management and supports all of a devices native file types for printing or scanning. It all adds up to improved response and turnaround times that move your business ahead.

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Statistics show that employees want and need better connection:


of workers lose or waste time on document collaboration issues.


of employees review and collaborate on documents via e-mail.



of employees say it’s time-consuming and challenging to find the documents they need.

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Harness the power of connection

Take total control of print

Access, store and print your files and scans without the need for a smartphone, computer or tablet—just an e-Task equipped Lexmark printer.

Centralise document storage

A simple registration process ensures security and enables you to connect devices to a variety of cloud services, including Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox.

Improve speed and efficiency

No need to courier paper documents between offices or scan to a USB drive. Use Lexmark Cloud Connector to convert hardcopy paper documents into a digital format or make documents available to print on demand from a centralised cloud-based document storage service.

Develop intuitive file management

Scan-to-cloud capabilities allow your Lexmark MFP to scan a paper document, or a whole stack of them, to a shared cloud drive for storage and retrieval.

Improve process automation

Quickly retrieve and print on demand whatever you or a colleague has scanned to a cloud drive.

Customise your printed pages

Take advantage of Lexmark device features, such as image editing or processing, to customise your cloud-based forms, just as you would if you scanned and printed it out.

Support native files

Connect to Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and Box with an intuitive interface. You can also browse available cloud service file locations to print documents or store scans. And, you have access to all the file formats your device already supports.

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