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We’ve unveiled a new Lexmark brand to reflect our expanded information technology portfolio of enterprise software, print hardware and managed print services.

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See tomorrow differently with all the information today

Every day, you rely on a number of resources to get your work done – a mix of technology, processes and people that are often outside your view and control. When these pieces don’t connect in the right context at the right time, it disrupts productivity and impacts your bottom line.

At Lexmark, helping you connect your people and processes to the information they need at the moment they need it – that’s our focus.

The roadmap: Helping you see where you’re going

Lexmark is a customer-focused, global technology company – creating industry solutions from our powerful enterprise software, hardware and services portfolio. Our solutions automate complex processes, connect siloes of information and drive better decision making with more complete views of relevant information.

Our job is to make your job easier. Understanding your business needs – and how we can help – comes first. Together, we’ll map our technology and industry expertise to get a clear view of where you’re going, how to get there and the possibilities that open when your teams are better able to get the job done.

The bridge: Closing the gap between you and information

Managing information is increasingly one of the biggest challenges that organisations face. Our technologies can help. With Lexmark, bridge the gap between paper and digital, unstructured and structured information to see precisely what you need – at the moment you need it – in one, managed view.

The result? Better visibility and control over the processes and information that keep your business running and the ability to make better business decisions based on that information.

The road ahead: Opening more possibilities

As your business grows and adapts, you’ll face new, complex information challenges that weren’t even on the horizon a few years ago. Partnering with Lexmark means addressing these challenges head-on and positioning your organisation for success.

Today, we serve the unique information management needs of organisations in more than 170 countries and have been recognised as an industry leader in software, hardware and services; but most importantly, in customer satisfaction. Discover what we can do for you.


You may have noticed Lexmark has a new look!

Find out more about our new visual brand.


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