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Wherever you are today with managed print services, the flexibility of Lexmark MPS allows you to start where it makes the most sense for your stores. We make it easy to optimise, manage and streamline your document environment.

Optimise and unify your global infrastructure

We go beyond the floor plan to look at the worker and the job at hand.

An unmanaged output environment leaves retailers with sprawling fleets of devices with multiple vendors, models, supplies and service contracts. Frequent failure of outdated equipment and an over-burdened help desk can bog down store operations and drive up expenses. Having an output strategy is crucial for enhancing productivity and reducing costs.

Conducting a Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS) assessment is important. We’ll evaluate your current environment and determine the right placement and right devices to meet the needs of your stores, distribution centers and headquarters. Reliability is always important, especially for core applications that you depend on daily, such as printing and publishing of signs, shelf strips and labels. Lexmark has developed devices specifically for handling these types of special media.

You’ll be poised to solve document-intensive processes with on-the-spot scanning, linking necessary hard copy documents with your core business systems, right from smart multifunction printers (MFPs)—enabling associates to spend less time with paperwork and more time on the sales floor.

Why Lexmark Managed Print Services?

  • Over 1,000 retail assessments completed
  • Implementation plans built on retail best practices for specific tasks at stores and distribution centers
  • User-friendly smart MFPs solve document processes today and into the future

Benefits of Managed Print Services for Retail

  • Effectively manage costs and increase uptime across your operations using a single system to provide visibility and control
  • Identify problem areas and drive continuous improvement with governance metrics by store, distribution centre and office locations
  • Increases savings and productivity by up to 40% through solution recommendations, professional implementation and customer support services

Find out how MPS propels retail expansion and gains global reach.

Streamline operations and increase customer focus

Simplified processes allow you to concentrate on your shoppers.

Traditional paper-based retail processes slow down the pace of business. Thanks to Lexmark MPS, cumbersome and insecure paper processes are turned into a few simple icon-driven commands on the MFP touchscreen.

Time-consuming logistics document processes are transformed to create an immediate electronic trail of all shipping and receiving operations that can actually improve the flow of goods in and out of stores. Employee files can be scanned and made instantly available within your HR system—avoiding delays and risk to sensitive information. And promotions can be quickly and consistently deployed to help boost revenue.

Lexmark MPS enables you to:

  • Streamline store operations with efficient document processes
  • Drive revenue growth with flawless promotions
  • Create secure and traceable workflows
  • Reduce dependence on print
This pharmacy gained total net benefits of $1 million in three years with Lexmark MPS.
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We have been amazed at what we have saved in terms of cost and what we have gained in terms of productivity and customer service levels.

Pharmacy Warehouse Regulatory Supervisor, U. S. Grocery and Pharmacy Retailer

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