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Lexmark Brand Protection

Genuine Lexmark supplies mean quality and reliability.

Check to Protect the Lexmark brand

The Lexmark brand means quality and reliability with every printed page. Genuine Lexmark supplies are the best option when you value your image. Lexmark is actively checking domestic and global markets for manufacturers and sellers whose activities undermine our reputation with counterfeit, grey market or other products that don't pass the Genuine Lexmark test.

Manufacturers and sellers of trademark-infringing counterfeit cartridges and patent-infringing clone/compatible cartridges damage our brand by selling inferior products. Simply put, if you want the very best for your printer, use only the Genuine Lexmark supplies intended for your specific geographical region.

Are Your Lexmark Supplies Genuine?

Lexmark is dedicated to protecting customers from counterfeit ink and toner cartridges. If you are experiencing poor product performance, reliability issues or print quality problems.

Check if your Lexmark supplies are Genuine.

Buy Genuine Lexmark Supplies

Don’t be disappointed by unpredictable bargain-brand cartridges. Lexmark printers and Genuine Lexmark supplies are designed to perform Best Together—delivering excellent print quality from first print to last.

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Brand Protection Regional Supplies
Regional Supplies

Lexmark customises its supplies for different regions as part of its brand protection strategy.
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Brand Protection check to protect
Check to Protect

Ways to ensure that you have a Genuine Lexmark cartridge.
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Brand Protection counterfeit
Report a Suspicious Cartridge

Contact information for you to report a suspect counterfeit cartridge.
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Lexmark's efforts help everyone

  • Lexmark is combating counterfeit and grey market sales of cartridges in order to maintain a level playing field.
  • Lexmark’s efforts help protect our legitimate channel partners and end users by exposing the sources of counterfeit and grey market supplies.
  • Lexmark wants to protect everyone from sub-standard counterfeit cartridges that are being “passed off” as Genuine Lexmark.