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A proven IoT solution for makers of connected devices

Deliver business outcomes with the Lexmark Optra IoT Platform, a solution built by a company that has successfully paved the way 

Accelerate your success with the power of IoT

With the proven Optra IoT Platform, you can harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to operationalise data from your connected devices and grow your business into an intelligent enterprise.

  • Enable predictive service and evolve beyond reactive support
  • Optimise asset lifecycle management to improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Unleash innovation through free-flowing data and insight
  • Drive advanced as-a-service engagements to meet customer expectations

Unlike other IoT vendors, Lexmark built and uses our solution — with great success.

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If you have begun your IoT journey, you know it’s difficult, expensive and complex.

The ready-made Optra IoT Platform jumpstarts your business transformation with ...

Engineered IoT platform

Software platform built on best-in-class software technologies and offering easy deployment, boosting your ability to operationalise data from your connected devices and core systems 

IoT Suite of Accelerators

Suite of accelerators

Prebuilt, ready-to-deploy accelerators including algorithms, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) models, reporting dashboards, and business process templates that fast-track insights, efficiencies and time to value

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Expert consulting services

Dedicated professional services team to chart your path to business outcomes, ensuring that your IoT journey is accelerated and headed for success

We help you implement with speed … and empower you to deliver:

  • Better products
  • Advanced services
  • Lower costs

Why Lexmark?

As a manufacturer and early adopter of IoT connectivity and IoT data analytics to drive business outcomes, we know how complex IoT is. 

As a global technology company, we used our expertise to build a secure IoT architecture that has transformed the way we do business.

Today, we use it to securely manage more than 1 million printers and devices in over 200,000 locations around the world. We analyse terabytes of device performance data per week.

The Optra IoT Platform is in market, at scale and proven with our customers, the world’s largest and most complex organisations in every industry. 

As a manufacturer and early adopter of IoT connectivity and IoT data analytics to drive business outcomes, we know how complex IoT is.

Lexmark boasts an industry-leading 95% customer renewal rate.

Statistic background

Our proven platform has helped Lexmark achieve … 


of support issues resolved remotely


increase in profitability via optimised utilisation


improvement in engineering efficiency


contractual / recurring revenue

Now, we're bringing our IoT solution to manufacturers like you who are focused on delivering outcomes, not just products.

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An IoT solution built for business outcomes

With the Optra IoT Platform, you can drive benefits across your business.

the Lexmark IoT sensor-to-action platform drives predictive services elevating your service delivery and user experience while reducing your cost of service.

Predictive services

  • Elevate your service delivery and user experience
  • Evolve beyond reactive support
  • Reduce your cost of service
the Lexmark IoT sensor-to-action platform drives asset optimisation reducing your product lifecycle and growing your profitability per device.

Asset optimisation

  • Maximise your product lifecycle
  • Grow your profitability per device

Systemic innovation

  • Enhance your R&D product design
  • Optimise your manufacturing quality and cycle times
  • Improve your quality assurance (QA) testing efficiency
  • Implement predictive demand planning
the Lexmark IoT sensor-to-action platform drives as-a-service engagements increasing engagement flexibility for your customers and securing recurring revenue

As-a-service engagements

  • Increase engagement flexibility for your customers
  • Secure recurring revenue

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