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Save up to 50%

Choose one low rate—as low as £7.99/month—and enjoy automatic, hassle-free delivery of Genuine Lexmark toner. No charge until your first cartridge ships! Plus, enjoy free and easy recycling.

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Save up to 50% 

​ Included

​ Included

Hassle free, automatic delivery—never run out

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​ Included

Flexible plans—cancel any time

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​ Included

Free recycling

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No overage fees, ever—no fine print

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Warranty service for life

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Rich, vibrant laser colour that lasts

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions about Lexmark OnePrintTM

Lexmark OnePrint™ is a monthly print subscription program for toner cartridges and maintenance that is based on the number of pages your tiered plan allows. You choose the print subscription level that works best for your print volume needs.

Your Lexmark OnePrintTM subscription is based on the pages you print, not how many cartridges you need.

For example: At the 250 mono subscription plan on specific models, a business can print 250 pages/month for as low as £7.99 and Lexmark will provide print subscription toner cartridges and maintenance while you are in the program.

Lexmark will monitor the toner level on your cloud connected printer and send you a Genuine Lexmark print subscription toner cartridge before you run out. Some shipments are more frequent than others, based on which plan you choose; depending on your plan level you will not receive a cartridge each month. The value of the program is convenience and savings—toner is delivered when you need it.

Lexmark communicates with you if we see any differences between the amount, you print and the plan chosen, and adjust. How quickly your plan may adjust depends on your usage.  For example, if you are printing 1,000 pages per month on a 250-page plan, you will need cartridges earlier; and your plan will adjust faster than someone who prints 350 pages per month.  This is a benefit to you over time—if you print less than your plan, Lexmark will move you down to the less expensive plan accordingly. And Lexmark will always alert you before any changes to plans are made. 

When selecting a plan, consider the average number of pages you print within a six-month period. Why? Lexmark OnePrint™ doesn’t penalize you for going over the number of pages in one month due to seasonal printing. Lexmark realizes your business is dynamic, so we created a plan that flexes with you.

If you choose a Lexmark OnePrint™ plan that doesn’t cover your business needs, no problem! Lexmark will work with you to ensure you have the plan that works best for your business.

While it is rare for customers to print outside of the published usage plans, Lexmark offers high usage plans in special cases where needed. Lexmark always alerts the customer before any changes to plans are made.

For Europe, Lexmark OnePrint™ is available in France, Germany, and the UK.

For North America, Lexmark OnePrint™ is available in the U.S. and Canada.

Save up to 50%: Savings based on the monthly subscription cost for a 1,500 pages per month OnePrint™ mono toner plan or a 1,000 pages per month OnePrint™ colour toner plan compared to the average cost of printing 1,500 ISO/IEC 19752 monochrome pages or 1,000 ISO/IEC 19798 color pages using standard yield, original Lexmark replacement toner cartridges for OnePrint™ eligible models purchased at retail prices as of Oct. 1, 2023. Sales prices, discounts and high yield cartridges are not included in the comparison.

One low rate—no overage fees, ever: Based on maintaining normal print volume, Internet connection, Lexmark OnePrintTM enrolment, current payment method and contact information.

Warranty service for life: Warranty provided while device remains enrolled in the OnePrintTM subscription programme. Full terms and conditions including Statement of Limited Warranty are available at as part of the registration process.