How to turn print into a value generator in Retail

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In a retail environment, printers are vital to your operations and processes. Discrepancies and missing documents can lead to delays, whilst offline printers can mean downtime and disruptions.

Lexmark has a broad portfolio of print solutions specifically designed for high-volume retail environments. This, alongside our cutting-edge technologies, enhanced cloud connectivity and Secure by Design approach, is why we’re trusted by nine of the top ten global retailers.

Built with retail businesses in mind, Lexmark’s intentionally engineered printers are unique, using industrial metal frames for superior durability and lifelong performance in demanding retail environments. They can also handle multiple types of specialty media, below-counter printing in pharmacies and in-store signage for your sales floor.

Our solutions integrate with your core business systems and automate and digitise your current paper-based processes, improving productivity while also reducing waste and helping to create a more sustainable environment.

Cloud connectivity is vital to achieving greater flexibility across your operations. Our embedded solutions bring enhanced connectivity and total visibility of all systems, helping you quickly capitalise on shifting sales channels, such as in-store pick-up or ship-from-store.

These scalable, cloud-based solutions can be adapted to any environment, no matter the size or location, automating the local creation of dynamic content. With remote management, file sharing and support for digital signage, each store can print only what it needs, which is another great way to minimise waste.

Being in the cloud also allows your business to benefit from mobile printing, which saves time, increases staff visibility and allows your stores to flex to meet the needs of the local market.

With connections across your entire business, Lexmark’s advanced analytics give you real-time insights into every aspect of your print operations, helping to drive down costs and streamline processes. This is especially useful in print-heavy departments, such as shipping/receiving, logistics, loss prevention and HR.

Our retail solutions suite helps your business optimise performance in real time, boosting operational efficiency, reducing employee burdens and creating a more engaging and personalised customer experience.

We know retail: Lexmark solutions available to you

Retail Publishing Solution: Combines Lexmark’s industry-leading hardware and advanced software to handle all aspects of the signage process from design and distribution to management and measurement. Publish shelf-edge signs, labels, fact tags, digital signs, electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and more, all from a single, easy-to-use platform.

In-Store Capture: digitises paper documents like store invoices, reports, receipts and shipping labels, resulting in significant savings in time and money.

Supply Chain Document Optimisation: easily integrates with your existing back-end systems to improve document routing, security and accuracy.

None of this connectivity would be worth it if our system wasn’t secure. Lexmark is Secure by Design: every Lexmark product, solution and service is built with security in mind, right out of the box. This helps to minimise threats such as data theft and unauthorised access across the entire network.

With a proven approach to retail print solutions, you can rest assured that choosing Lexmark will be good for business. To find out more, download the Retail Print Value Map.

Download the Retail Print Value Map