How to turn print into a value generator in Manufacturing

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As a manufacturer, you might not realise how vital printers are to your operation. But step back and think about how much business-critical printing you do: bills of lading, shipping labels, supply chain documentation, etc. Any discrepancies can lead to disruption, so you need a solution that can withstand any challenge. Plus, printing is just one aspect of what a strategic solution can do for you.

Lexmark has developed a comprehensive industry-specific suite of solutions for manufacturers that integrate seamlessly into your environment, focusing on the challenges faced in the plant, distribution centre and back office.

Our manufacturing solutions bring together hardware and software solutions and services to transform and digitise your current processes, improving visibility and control at every stage. These advanced solutions have served hundreds of manufacturing sites, helping them grow and thrive. There’s a reason that eight of the top ten global manufacturers are Lexmark customers.

Printers are an important investment and can be critical to the success of your business. But they’re not all created equal.

Lexmark devices are intentionally engineered for demanding manufacturing environments, with industrial metal frames and long-life components that deliver superior durability and performance, even withstanding a factory floor’s extreme conditions, including temperature fluctuation and moisture. This helps to maximise uptime and ensure processes that rely on print aren’t disrupted.

We can even predict – and remotely resolve – issues before you even know there’s a problem. You can be sure your printers will be available and working when you need them.

Our printers print reliably to multiple types of speciality media, including shipping labels, combo forms/labels, banner media, vinyl & polyester labels and cardstock.

Printed information goes far beyond the printer, directly impacting your operations, from delays caused by missing documents to downtime from printers going offline. To counteract this, our print ecosystem actually reduces your reliance on paper, which also helps your business meet cost-reduction goals and optimise processes.

Before installation, our professional services assessment provides industry best practices for the optimal placement and use of our devices in your business, determining how to best support automated workflows and eliminate current paper-based processes.

Smart capture technology streamlines your operations by digitising your current paper-based processes, such as labels, receipts, invoices and reports. Meta-tagging within the digital files can then be used to route and track critical information across a variety of functions, quickly and accurately.

Cloud connectivity helps organisations incorporate efficiencies across multiple sites around the world, all integrated with your existing back office and CRM systems. This is all enabled with easy-to-use apps and familiar mobile interfaces, helping you effectively deploy the system throughout the business.

All solutions are secure from the start – we’re Secure by Design – with our software and devices combining to ensure confidential information can only be retrieved when authorised, helping to prevent data breaches.

For more information about how our solutions could be perfect for your business, download the Manufacturing Print Value Map.

Download the Manufacturing Print Value Map