How to turn print into a value generator in Insurance

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For insurers, data is vital to your operation, and any discrepancies or missing information can seriously affect your business. It is essential to get up to date with the latest technologies to help mitigate issues and meet the needs of your customers.

Lexmark has almost three decades of experience developing advanced solutions that address the challenges of financial services organisations around the world.

From digitising information to automating workflows, our innovations have helped accelerate processing time and enabled more accurate decision making – all whilst maintaining tight security.

To achieve this, we combine our robust IoT devices with our industry-leading managed print platform and software solutions, creating a printing and scanning ecosystem that’s tailored to your operation.

This ecosystem is designed to make work easier for your IT team by managing the environment for them. Your outdated print servers are replaced with modern, secure cloud-based alternatives, which reduces the number of physical devices in each site, saving money and allowing you to scale quickly and efficiently as your business grows.

And it’s all proven to work reliably and securely with existing back-office systems, so you can be up and running quickly.

By digitising your documents and automating manual processes across the insurance value chain – from account opening to claims handling – you can streamline your processes and save hundreds of hours of paperwork.

Modernising your operation can also deliver faster response times and help you make decisions more quickly. Once information is digitised, you can leverage analytics to improve claims management, fraud detection and risk assessment.

Because the information your business handles is sensitive, we make sure that it’s protected. Lexmark’s unparalleled print security is built in to everything we create – we are Secure by Design, and have been since before it became a buzzword – helping to safeguard client and corporate data whether it’s on paper or digital, ensuring customer confidentiality and regulatory compliance. This is why our solutions are found in some of the world’s most highly regulated and security-conscious environments, not only in insurance, but across all industries.

It’s not just our devices that are protected. We work with software partners to provide solutions that can discreetly capture and analyse activity across your entire operation. This not only identifies irregular print patterns to help prevent data breaches – such as employees printing multiple client names and contact details – these real-time analytics can also identify processing and workflow improvements.

With this approach, you can rest assured that choosing Lexmark will be good for business. To find out more, download the Insurance Print Value Map.

Download the Insurance Print Value Map