How to turn print into a value generator in Healthcare

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In any medical setting, your printers can have a bigger impact than you might realise. Missing documents, offline devices and service delays can directly impact how you care for your patients so you need a solution that can help avoid these challenges.

Thanks to Lexmark’s decades of work with more than 3,000 health systems worldwide, our hospital-grade print solutions have been designed to adapt to any healthcare environment.

From small clinical areas to large emergency departments, Lexmark’s portfolio of printers and multifunction products is created to scale to any deployment size.

We work with you to create an optimised print ecosystem tailored specifically to your organisation, with devices located only where they are required. Healthcare information is delivered quickly, reliably and accurately to where it’s needed most. Not only can our devices help eliminate your IT burden, they can also streamline the efficiency of your patient care.

Lexmark’s devices and solutions are underpinned by advanced technology, including cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT). As a technology-led organisation, we can do things you might not expect, including predicting issues with your devices before you even know there’s a problem, easily integrating with your existing core business systems to eliminate paper-based processes and eliminating clunky physical print servers and infrastructure with cloud-based alternatives.

We know security is critical to medical organisations. Protecting patient health information, preventing network breaches and safeguarding sensitive data, whether on paper or digital, is paramount.

You can rest assured that Lexmark offers unparalleled print security, with our solutions found in the world’s most highly regulated and security-conscious environments. This is because each of our devices is built with our Secure by Design approach at its heart, extending to our software solutions and beyond to protect your patients’ information.

All the security in the world wouldn’t mean anything if the system itself wasn’t up to scratch. Our innovative printers feature an accessible common user interface that allows your clinicians to immediately feel comfortable with the mobile-like experience.

We also help you maintain continuity of care, with user-friendly functionality that enables staff to ensure patients receive timely medical attention, even in the event of a network or system outage that would typically shut down a printer fleet from other vendors. You can always be certain of providing the highest levels of care.

Other smart features allow you to:

     ·      Digitise patient-generated health data and information from multiple outside providers, right at the point of care.

     ·      Translate documents in real time through the device to provide a safety net for patients who need additional language support.

     ·      Integrate clinical data into your existing medical information systems using meta-tagging to improve data accuracy and patient safety.

Lexmark’s proven approach to healthcare print solutions is how we’ve built successful long-term relationships with our customers and why 95% of customers choose to renew with us. To find out more about how we can help your business, download the Healthcare Print Value Map.

Download the Healthcare Print Value Map