How to turn print into a value generator in Banking

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Banks have more competition than ever, with fintech start-ups offering new ways to manage money and traditional rivals becoming more digital savvy. To satisfy their customers, banks must keep pace and transform their IT infrastructure.

Lexmark can help you address these challenges, with industry-leading print solutions that put technology, security and efficiency first.

With decades of experience working with financial organisations around the world, we have developed advanced solutions that are tailored to banking. You can be certain that we can enhance your digital transformation initiatives: one of the reason’s why seven of the top ten global banks are Lexmark customers.

To achieve this, we combine our robust IoT devices with our industry-leading managed print platform and software solutions, creating a printing and scanning ecosystem that’s tailored to your operation.

This ecosystem is designed to make work easier for your IT team by managing the environment for them. Your outdated print servers are replaced with modern, secure cloud-based alternatives, which reduces the number of physical devices in each site, saving you money, and allows you to scale quickly and efficiently as your business grows. Staff and customers can also securely print from mobile devices, improving processing times and service levels.

And it’s all proven to work reliably and securely with existing back-office systems, so you can be up and running quickly.

Our innovative offerings can streamline your processes. By reliably digitising information and automating repetitive tasks, you can reduce manual handling errors and improve your customer experience, all whilst maintaining tight security.

For example, capturing paper documents before a customer leaves the branch can significantly reduce branch exception handling and callbacks to the customer; it also supports compliance. Your staff can even see where documents are missing in real time, as they’re processed. Account openings and loan applications become quicker and allow bankers to focus on their customers, not on onerous paperwork.

Our process analytics can also capture and analyse printing and scanning activity across your business, helping you identify processing and workflow improvements.

Data breaches can be prevented by safeguarding sensitive data, whether on paper or digital. Lexmark builds security into everything we make. We’re Secure by Design. Secure pull printing and user authentication limit access to help keep this data safe. Our unparalleled print security is why our solutions are found in some of the world’s most highly regulated and security-conscious environments.

With this approach, you can rest assured that choosing Lexmark will be good for business. To find out more, download the Banking Print Value Map.

Download the Banking Print Value Map