5 Questions with Zest

Leigh Hammond Director of Zest Document Solutions speaks to us about his experience of working with Lexmark and his thoughts on the big print trends of 2022.

5 Questions with Zest

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1. What has been your biggest project with Lexmark this year?

Our largest project with Lexmark this year has been the 200+ device hardware-led rollout to a significant new business opportunity within the motor industry. The proof of concept was implemented in the first quarter of FY 2021/22 and then rolled out throughout the rest of their UK operations. We even delivered hardware to Monaco as part of the project, which was an interesting challenge due to relations between France and the UK coming under strain. However, we found a way around the issue, and we had an extremely thankful, happy customer. The Head of IT of said customer even remarked that he found our approach refreshing, highly efficient and extremely professional. Despite the product challenges we have all faced we have still manged to install over 200 fully-networked Lexmark devices during 2021, with more to come in 2022.

2. What are the biggest challenges your customers are facing at the moment, and how do you help them manage these?

Our biggest challenge has been the shift to remote working due to government implemented restrictions. Many didn’t have sufficient IT infrastructure and required help in implementing this. However, due to our expertise, significant experience, our vendor relationships and IT partnerships, we were able to assist all existing customers with their move to remote working.  

3. How has Lexmark Print Management helped with your goals to grow and expand?

The range of products and level of service available to us as a partner of Lexmark has enabled us to on-board a significant number of new customers. It has also allowed us to consider projects that we previously wouldn’t have been able to due to hardware gaps within manufacturers portfolios. However, by working closely with Lexmark and our Account Managers, and offering them transparency of our business pipeline, we have been able to source the hardware units we have required, sometimes with flexibility at both ends due to the supply chain and product challenges Managed Print / Document Service providers have faced this year. Despite this, Lexmark have ensured they always kept us abreast of the situation through proactive account management.

4. What in your view are the biggest trends in Print for 2022?

My view is that one of the biggest 2022 print trends will be rationalisation. Many companies have now realised they don’t require the office estate or infrastructure they have amassed over years of trading. Hardware and software services need to enable the customer to meet these new requirements whilst ensuring efficiency and productivity standards remain as high as before. Proactive services-led businesses like ours are in a great position to be able to help in facilitating such significant changes seamlessly and without disruption.

5. What are the best things about working with Lexmark?

Lexmark are aligned in terms of understanding how we operate and the challenges we face within our industry, and we have consistently been able to work together to overcome any challenges. The flexibility and proactiveness they provide us with is key. Our Account Manager is fantastic and is always on hand to assist when and where it is possible. The relationship between us is one which works both ways and we value Lexmark as not just a supplier but a key partner and hope to continue to do so for many years to come. Our relationship continues to go from strength to strength. Here’s to another great year in 2022.