6 Questions with Active8

We speak to Daren Hayward Director of Active8 Managed Technologies to get their view on how COVID-19 will shape the future of their business as they continue to expand.

6 Questions with Active8

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What is the impact that COVID has had on your business?

COVID has impacted our customers by moving employees away from the workplace. The drop off in print volumes has been challenging but as things begin to bounce back, we will continue to work hard to support our customers by offering new innovative ways of delivering high quality sustainable products, value and service. The pandemic has also encouraged us to look daily at key business performance data in granular detail, to help understand trends and make informed decisions.   

 What are the main challenges that customers are facing at the moment?

 Preparing for a full return to the office is a key concern for many. The change in business practices of the past year has changed customer requirements with the incorporation of more flexible working practices. In addition, existing contracts for previously fit for purpose equipment have been eroded by at least 12-months so they will need to be updated. The question we are trying to answer is how do businesses transition from centralised print-controlled contracts to combine or include smaller remote devices for the mobile workforce?

 Have you seen customer requirements changing due to Covid with a move to A4 devices from A3 devices?

Customers are exploring what their working practises will look like post COVID. The likelihood is that some businesses will encourage some employees to work from home and therefore push some of the print output from higher capacity large office (A3) equipment to more compact home office (A4) devices, supplied and controlled on a managed service agreement.

 How has COVID shaped the way you will run your business in the future? 

COVID-19 has challenged the conventional working practises which were previously the foundation of the modern office. We need to have a wider range of fit for purpose products, including software to meet changing needs. Currently, we are using our IT intellect and low intervention products to maximise real time help desk resolution. We are also working on a quicker, more proactive service delivery which will enable us to stand out from a traditionally reactive service delivery model.

 Has working with Lexmark met your expectations?

 Lexmark has provided us with a fabulous opportunity to provide a wide range of high quality A4 devices, adding to our existing, already comprehensive IT product portfolio.