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Support digital transformation initiatives with cloud-based print infrastructure

| By Rachel Pollard

Advance your digital transformation programme with Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service

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New research from IDC indicates that cloud migration is the number-one IT priority in supporting digital transformation initiatives. Yet a majority of organisations going through this transition feel that existing infrastructure and legacy processes are having a negative impact on their plans.

Including the print ecosystem in your overall DX planning can yield important benefits:

  • Improved print and document security
  • Operational improvements in print by leveraging data analytics
  • Ability to integrate print with other strategic IT Initiatives
  • Ability to move to the cloud
  • Streamlined support with IoT technology

In the context of supporting digital transformation, addressing print can be one of the fastest and easiest moves an organisation can make. Take a simple step in your DX journey with Lexmark Cloud Print Infrastructure as a Service.

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