5 Questions with Print Logic

Paul Edwards, Managing Director of Lexmark BSD Partner company Print Logic shares his views on some of the challenges and opportunities facing the print industry.

5 Questions with Print Logic

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1. What are the biggest challenges your customers are facing at the moment, and how do you help them manage these?

We find digital transformation is the biggest challenge by far. Our customers want to work faster and get more done with their time and resources. We are finding that there is a growing appetite for smarter and more effective ways to work, but customers don’t know how to accomplish this or who to ask for help. 

We are experts at taking old business processes, streamlining and automating them to reduce waste and resources required whilst and improving efficiency and effectiveness.

Our experience and expertise allow us to operate irrespective of the business sectors or size and we help customers automate both their everyday and their bespoke processes.

2. How important is it to work with a partner that supports your growth goals?

A partner that shares our ambition is absolutely vital. Technology continually changes and we have dedicated staff looking at new products and software to see how we can best use them to help our customers, both for new deployments and existing ones. 

Our partners work with us on key projects to help deliver optimum solutions combining the latest software and hardware.

3. How important is vertical sector expertise and how does Lexmark support you with this?

Knowing how specific sectors operate their businesses is essential to success and allows us to tailor products and solutions to their unique requirements. 

Our Lexmark Account Manager adds to our knowledge and offers valuable and perceptive advice on optimum solutions, to support our customer facing activities.

4. How do you see the print industry changing five years from now?

We’re seeing a growing desire for fast digital processes. I think that there will always be a need for printers and paper documents, but there will be an increasing emphasis on digital conversion and convergence. 

New requirements such as GDPR are accelerating this trend and businesses must now consider how they store their paperwork and what happens to documents once they have been printed off. 

I think there will be more scanning and archiving features added to hardware as time goes on, increasing their usefulness to modern businesses whilst improving security and productivity.

5. What are the best things about working with Lexmark?

Excellent and quick service and support coupled with extensive information mean that our Service team love working with Lexmark products. Whilst the sales and marketing teams really like the comprehensive range and product information available. The online resources are particularly appreciated by the marketing team for their promotional work. 

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