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Retail challenges and opportunities  

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Customer experience

Today’s retailers are focused on improving in-store experiences for customers, even as they develop a profitable online presence. This means employees have less time to manage manual processes.

Store associate productivity

Keeping store associates in front of customers is critical to retailers as this leads directly to sales lift and a more positive shopping experience.

Cost and expense

Now more than ever, cost and expense considerations are a primary focus for retailers dealing with thin margins, particularly in challenging market conditions.

Merchandising and branding

Many store sales are unassisted with little or no interaction from associates. Attractive signage is essential to promote your brand, ensure accurate pricing and present up-to-date product information.

Insight and compliance

Ensuring consistency is a constant challenge. Retailers strive to improve visibility and compliance for each location while implementing corporate standards across the store chain.


Retailers must constantly stay on top of store environment trends and leverage emerging technologies including cloud, IoT and digital transformation initiatives.

Store health

Now more than ever, retailers are focused on making the in-store experience safe and efficient for customers while providing new services like ship-from-store, curbside pickup and in-store pickup.

Data security

Data and device security are always a key consideration for retailers. Security breaches can significantly damage a retailer’s brand, and are costly and time consuming to fix.

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Leverage the power of Lexmark Retail Solutions  

Enhance customer service and reduce employee burden with Lexmark Retail Solutions  

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Managed Print Services: Deliver measurable cost and time savings

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Some of the largest retail organisations around the world use Lexmark Managed Print Services (MPS). Here’s why: with MPS, businesses eliminate unnecessary and underused devices to drive big savings across the enterprise. MPS also reduces the amount of time store associates spend ordering supplies and calling the help desk, because Lexmark contacts you to resolve the problem – often remotely – before you are aware it exists.

In addition to device management, Lexmark leverages IoT and interactive analytics to deliver real-time insights on fleet performance as well as drill-down details for individual devices or locations. This allows for dynamic adjustments to accommodate peak buying periods like back-to-school and holiday season.


retail MPS assessment

Improving Your Retail Process Starts Here 
Start with a comprehensive Lexmark assessment to boost store productivity


retail sportswear

Columbia Sportswear 
Columbia realised a 37 percent reduction in output costs with Lexmark MPS


retail pharmacy

Major Metropolitan Pharmacy 
Read how a pharmacy chain realised $1.1 million savings and 113 percent ROI in three years


retail warehouse

Associated Foods 
Discover how a wholesale distributor saves $50,000 annually with Lexmark’s print infrastructure.


retail grocery

U.S. Supermarket Food Chain 
A grocer reduced print devices by 44 percent, and saved $124,000 in equipment and toner costs


retail pharmacy

Grocery and Pharmacy Retailer 
MPS helps a retailer achieve $55,000 in savings with printers running at a 99 percent service level

Cloud: Simplify installation with less trainings

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Choosing to operate technology systems in the cloud eliminates many traditional challenges of installation and maintenance for your team. Lexmark Cloud Services brings a full suite of cloud printing solutions to any retail environment, from small companies to large enterprises, all while reducing the burden on IT resources. With no hardware setup or software installation, implementation is faster and easier than ever.

Lexmark Publishing Solution delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model provides the full power of shelf-edge signage software without having to operate the technology. That means your associates can focus on serving customers and perform other critical tasks that grow your business.

Mobility: Flexibility in real time

Lexmark mobile print

With Lexmark Mobile solutions, employees don’t have to tailor processes around rigid information systems. Instead, they can leverage advanced mobile technology to print documents directly from mobile devices and easily complete signage tasks with Lexmark Retail Publishing Solution, all without interruption or delay.

Increasing flexibility in your signage processes can add real value to your business, and that’s why mobile capabilities are ideal for retail environments. Solutions with a mobile component let you get the job done from anywhere, at any time.

Security: Protect your organisation’s most valuable assets

lexmark secure printers

No retailer wants to find that a security gap has landed them on the news. But while big data breaches make headlines, preventing them isn’t your only task: there are many points on the network where information can leak and create risks for retail enterprises.

Lexmark’s expertise as an industry leader in document and device security forms the backbone of our technology. This comprehensive, Secure by Design approach delivers a critical benefit to retail customers: the confidence to efficiently and cost-effectively run their business, knowing devices and data are protected every step of the way.

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Generate more value from print in retail

A strategic approach to print can unlock value across your retail operations.