Cobertura de Garantía | Lexmark Colombia

Cobertura de Garantía

Product 1 Year 90 days
Page Printer Supplies (non-impact)
3827 Supplies X  
3828 Supplies X  
3829 Supplies X  
3835 Supplies X  
3900 Supplies X  
Systems Printers Supplies
Other System Printer Ribbons X  
Ink Rolls X  
Miscellaneous System Printer Supplies X  
Typewriter and Word Processing Supplies
Ribbons X  
Lift-Off Tape X  
Elements X  
Printwheels X  
Laser Printers/LED Printers
Toner Print Cartridges Lifetime Warranty*  
Ink Jet Printers
Ink Cartridges (except J110) X  
J110 Ink Cartridges/Perfect Finish Cartridge   X
J110 Printhead X  
Coated and Other Specialty Papers X  
Transparencies X  

*Lifetime Warranty does not apply to cartridges which have been refilled or to those which are simply empty as a result of normal use. Lifetime Warranty is valid until the laser print cartridge is depleted of useful amounts of Lexmark toner.