Extended Warranty Renewal Policy | Lexmark Canada

Extended Warranty Renewal Policy

Extended Warranty Renewals: 

Lexmark Extended warranties are available to be purchased during the Base Manufacturers’ Warranty for our current product line, (1st year for most printer models). It is only during this time period that you can purchase up to 3 additional years of extended warranty, (total of 4 years). If the maximum coverage is not purchased during the Base Warranty year(s), the only renewal option will be a 1-year Onsite agreement renewable annually.

Renewals are to be purchased directly from Lexmark Service and are not available from the distribution channel.

Out of Warranty Printers: 

If the Warranty Coverage on a printer, scanner or Multi-Function Product has lapsed for more than 30 days, post warranty service agreements are available for laser printers that are in good working condition. A test page will be required prior to purchasing the post warranty service agreement.

Please contact Lexmark Customer Services for more information on Post Warranty Service Agreements, 1-800-663-7662, x541 or x383.

Costs associated with re-certification of the printer will not be covered under the new post warranty agreement. All repairs to re-instate the printer to original working condition will be the responsibility of the customer.

Post Warranty Agreement Start Date: 

Where there has been a lapse in coverage, post warranty agreements will commence one month after receiving your order. Service will not be provided during the 30 day waiting period. If a repair is required during this period post warranty per incident* services are available. To request this service, call our service dispatch team at 1-800-663-7662 ext. 476 or ext. 488.

*NB Post Warranty per incident service may not be available in all areas.

*NB Post Warranty Onsite and Per Incident Service are not available on all printer models.